Atlanta Night, GA Alumnae Chapter

Kappa Delta

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Meet new people: Whether you're new to town,
looking to expand your group of friends, or networking to find your next job opportunity, what better way to meet people that you already have something in common with?

Learn more about Atlanta: One of the best things about Atlanta is the different neighborhoods within it! We aim to explore the the city limits together one event at a time.

Give back to the community: Looking to get a group of volunteers for your favorite organization? Have a KD event coming up at your alma mater? Send the executive board a note with the details and we will help spread the word.

Stay involved in Kappa Delta: If you're interested in serving Kappa Delta on our executive board, we'd love to have you and your ideas!

Interested in joining Atlanta Night? Send in your MEMBERSHIP FORM today and someone from the board will send you our welcome letter and upcoming events!


$25 per year; $15 for newly graduated Alumna!